About Us

About Us

We Are one of the Leading ICT distribution company In East Africa

With a solid concentration in the channel, Amblex’s center client base is comprised of affiliates, framework integrators, made due administrations suppliers, e-rears and retailers across Africa.

Our clients serve little and medium undertakings, purchasers and corporates. Supported by’s areas of strength for Amblex’s strong portfolio of products and services, our customers are able to offer end-to end solutions to their customers.

Premiere ICT Solution

Amblex is one of the leading and well-established ICT solution companies. By delivering outstanding technology, value-added services, and logistics, the company’s main objective is to inspire, educate, and allow reseller partners to reach their full potential.

Diversified Services

We provide a wide range of technological goods and services to our clients, all of which are supplied seamlessly across the ICT Industry. Other corporations invest in different partner companies for different reasons. ICT offers a comprehensive range of services in one stop.

Providing Innovative Solutions

The company has been helping business partners or collaborators design, configure, and implement solutions for their clients and successfully adapt their businesses through technological change. With the technology used by ICT in verifying commination, probing becomes immediate. The less time it takes to scrutinize problems and act the more money the clients save.

Why us

Committed To Provide the best solutions

We have the best solutions for all your hardware and software solutions.

We Follow Best Practices

We follow the best practices, it ensures that its services are of high quality, reliable, and meet the industry standards

Our Clients